The Difference between Vedic Maths and Abacus


Vedic Maths



Based on Atharva Veda

Based in Chinese or Japanese or Malaysian Abacus
Can do Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Squares, Square roots, Cube, Cube Roots, Simultaneous Equations, Divisibility, Quadratic Equations, Complex Equations, Result Verification Techniques, Factorization, Percentage Calculations, and anything on the earth you can imagine.
Only Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication through conventional method addition using ABACUS,  DIVISION through conventional system, subtraction through abacus
Results 1 : Child starts showing improvement after 4th class
2 :Removes finger counting and silly mistakes
3 :Improves Marks in Maths and Science
1 :Child shows very slow  improvement even after and a half years
2 :Questionable Delivery

You need to invest in your child for a year.

You need to invest in your child for Two and a Half years
Others Scalability – Course available right up to competitive exam level No Scalability – No course for 7th std. onwards
  Once a week Twice or Thrice  a week