Academy of Vedic Mathematics is coaching institute focused on creating innovative learning benchmarks in the field of education. It is an institution focused on Guiding students to realize their goals and true potential

Academy of Vedic Mathematics started on April 15th, 2005 when Prof. Mrs. Aarti Oswal and Prof. Mr. Girish Oswal both pioneers in Result Oriented Technologically Enriched Teaching decided to start an coaching institution with a goal of imparting quality education to students in affordable fees. The two founders believe that every student has tremendous potential which needs to be given the right direction. This can be done by making students realize their hidden potentials and by making them realize the importance of their responsibility and goals.

Well into its 10th year of excellence in education, Aastha Tuitions continues to grow manifold. But it is not just longevity that marks out and gives the institution its special character. There is also its distinctive system which supports close academic supervision and careful personal care for its students.

Academy of Vedic Mathematics is a institution where quality, excellence and success go hand in hand. This includes world-class faculty members who are very much accessible to students. The faculty comprises a veritable mix of experienced veterans and charismatic youngsters. Each professor specializes not only in distinct subjects, but further in respective topics as well.

Each coaching center of Aastha Tuitions is adorned with aesthetically designed, air conditioned that foster learning, thus provides the right environment for result oriented successful learning.

Our Vision

To Provide Best Quality Technologically Enriched Education at an affordable Fees.


Academy of Vedic Mathematics started out by coaching 2 students for the Std. IX – X Exams. In the last 7 years, it has coached a lot of students, thoroughly preparing them for Std. IX - X exams. The success garnered by the institute is directly attributed to the hard work and dedication of its founders and team members.

  • Experienced Faculty:
     Academy of Vedic Mathematics is the only institute in Dombivli which can boast of a team with the most number of right mix of senior and young professors, Unlike the faculty of other coaching centers, the professors of Aastha tuitions work full time for the institute. This creates an environment of responsible and result oriented education delivery.

  • Infrastructure:
     In order to instill in students the desire to work hard and the drive to succeed, Aastha Tuitions provides the best ambience and modern infrastructure. Each center is aesthetically designed, air conditioned class rooms that encourage learning.

  • Individual Performance Evaluation:
     The faculty and management are equipped to monitor the individual performance of each student so as to analyze and work on areas of to improve overall academic performance . Reports on student’s performance and attendance are provided to parents on a regular basis. Open House sessions are conducted throughout the year.

  • Locations:
     The innovative thinking begins with the location of Academy of Vedic Mathematics . Each of our centres are within walking distance from Dombivli and Thakurli railway stations. This saves a lot of study time for the students.